Simple put, this is a great pistol! Kinda fun of my 23 as well. Ballistics have advanced over the years, making 9mm king again after it spent years beaten out by .40 S&W. In case you haven’t noticed yet – Glock has something for everyone. You can follow him on Twitter: @KyleMizokami. For my "off duty" I carry a GLOCK Mod 27 Gen 4 (.40 S&W cal. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. After the release of the original Glock 17, Glock apparently decided the design was mature enough to handle larger calibers. That said, I am looking to pick up a G21/45 upper and LW conversion barrels so I can shoot every major caliber out of this platform in the future. Good or best accurate on a range, I always try to support American industry. Would not trade them for anything except maybe another Glock. Out to fifteen yards groups broaden but are still good enough for self-defense. The Glock 41 weighs just 36.51 ounces with a loaded 13-round magazine, even less than a shorter, similarly configured Glock 21. Thou my hands are not very big I manage it very well. Great Article; For a novice, it broke down the complexities to be understandable. Although .45 ACP purists--and .45 ACP/1911 purists in particular—may have strong reservations about polymer pistols in general and the Glock 21 in particular, the pistol has won over many converts. If you’re looking for a classic poly carry gun, you’ve found it. the article says the 42 is a single stack. Kyle Mizokami is a defense and national-security writer based in San Francisco who has appeared in the Diplomat, Foreign Policy, War is Boring and the Daily Beast. General shooting (range gun) or night stand gun would suggest the G21. The G43 I found the trigger to be very uncomfortable to my finger due to the way it rubbed or possibly pinched my finger between the trigger guard and the trigger. It has a reversible magazine release, built-in beavertail, and front and rear slide serrations (but seriously, do I have to lecture you again not to rack a slide from the front). Thanks for your concise information. Basically because it's just a Glock 19 with better capacity. Aesthetically it’s noticeably different than the classic Glocks thanks to the Slimline frame and silver nPVD slide. It is my current preferred carry gun. Is 9mm a capable, fantastic cartridge? No, but you can change that with a little aftermarket work. The 29.84 ounce Glock 21 is slightly heavier than the 25.06 ounce Glock 17 unloaded. Boom…want to get into 10mm? Sold! [Review]. Invented in 1911 by prolific firearms inventor John Moses Browning, the Colt 1911 pistol used the .45 ACP cartridge—also invented by Browning. Look up wound tracks and cavities for the .45 ACP and 10mm compared to any 9mm. It weighs 24.87 ounces empty and 32.28 ounces with a loaded mag. The Glock 36 is a subcompact .45 ACP using Glock’s SLIMLINE design. Some would argue it isn’t exactly a single-stack, either; technically Glock refers to this as their Slimline pistol. Long story short the gun proved itself wicked precise, a perfect fit for my hands, and comfortable to conceal. Ah, at last we get to know more about the powerful 10mm Auto.In case you missed it, in Round 1 of our series of Handgun Showdowns, we compared the Glock 22 and the Glock 23 and briefly touched on these subjects: 1. my family was strically 1911's. The .40 is a stout yet manageable round, and I love my G23 for it. This one is also chambered in 9mm but unlike the G17 and G19 it is not a double-stack. Let us know in the comments! To be honest I have a problem with the grip a little bit and I´ve heard that the trigger upgrade might help. You might get more insight by asking this on the Glock forums. Specifications: GLOCK 21 Short Frame Caliber:.45ACP Length: 8.03 in. Your article has convinced me to buy another Glock - possibly a G43. I have one, a G40, 10 mm, that is exceptionally big and comfortable. Although she is now a full-time outdoor writer her background is eclectic and includes K9 Search-and-Rescue and emergency veterinary medicine. The G19 has an overall length of 7.28 inches, a height of 5.04 inches, and is 1.0 inches wide. I haven’t read anything about glock triggers causing left tendencies. I too bought a 19x about a year ago. (The G48’s barrel is 4.17 inches long; the G43X’s barrel is 3.41 inches long.). Designed to compete for a Department of Defense contract, the Glock 21 SF (Short Frame) had a smaller backstrap to more readily accommodate smaller hands and ambidextrous magazine release. Glocks are my jam, but the G43 is a bit tiny for my hands. In 2007 Glock released a new version of the Glock 21, the Glock 21 SF. Check out our full review of the G20. Recommended: How the Air Force Would Destroy North Korea, Recommended: 10 Reasons No Nation Wants to Fight Israel, Recommended: North Korea Has Underground Air Bases. Oh, and it’s dead-on accurate, too. However, Glocks do fulfill a niche – an enormous niche – and are here to stay. Photo via Glock. The Gen 5 G17 is 8.03 inches long, 5.47 high, and 1.0 inches wide. ), The difference in recoil between the 22 and the 27 is again in my opinion negligible. Possibly an exception, but not one I ever want to deal with. I had mixed feelings about it until I put about 500 rounds through it during the course of several range trips. (And I have all 4) The G48 is a newcomer to the Glock line but it’s gathered a serious fan base right off, including me. But I got the 19x and love it. In this video, I take a look at two awesome 45 ACP Pistols. Fascinating concept. I have always enjoyed revolvers, especially Rugers, 454 Casulls, 44 magnums. I do own both a GLOCK 17 and a 26 (Gen 4) which I have used for competition. Glock’s adoption of the .45 ACP in the new Glock 21 likely saved the cartridge—and all of its users—from obscurity, and made the big bore cartridge a mandatory offering for a new generation of handguns. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Glock created the G48 as the ultimate EDC. After spending considerable time shooting all three, including time firing them one after another on the same days, I’m going to declare the G43 the most accurate subcompact 9mm. The cartridge’s final evolution exceeded Cooper’s initial ideas ballistically. I bought my first Glock about a year ago pushed a little bit by my son. One of the big reasons these models are so freaking popular is that they’re chambered in 9mm. That first GLOCK was followed by a GLOCK 21 Gen4, GLOCK 34 Gen4 and GLOCK 17 Gen4. She is a contributor for an array of major industry publications including USCCA Concealed Carry Magazine, Outdoor Life, and SHOT Business. At first, I was skeptical – I’m neither a huge fan of 9mm nor a lover of single-stack poly pistols – but I decided to try out the G48. I wouldn't recommend the G42 for strolling around drug- and gang-infested neighborhoods but in my opinion 10 rounds should take care of thugs pretty much anywhere else. People might think me crazy for saying but I'm a fan of the glock 22 ... not only is it a forty but I have 2 conversion barrels to change it to 9mm and one for 357 sig.. 150 for each barrel and for 450 dollars I bought the postols... but 750 $ and I have 3 guns in 1.. can't do that with but 2 glocks 22 and 23.. pretty sure.. Caliber. Underwood Ammo's Xtreme Penetrators from Daniels Defense at 1200 fps, the .380 ACP competes very favorably with 9mm. Both can be concealed – yes, you can conceal a double-stack, full-size gun – but of course the G19 is the model meant for concealed carry. The G48 is a compact gun with a ten-round capacity. Recently bought threaded 9mm conversion barrels for the 23 and 35 along with extractors, etc. Nothing feels like your empty wallet either! The .45 ACP/1911 combination gathered considerable cachet over the years, and despite being dropped by the Army in the 1980s the 1911 platform still has a loyal following thirty years later. My next object of lust in .45 is a Glock 41. Just wondering what you all thought about the new 41 vs 21 for home defense and range time. As you can see, their size difference is not significant. And of course…we have a full review of the Glock 19 Gen 5 after 3500 rounds. The U.S. Army adopted as the M1911, and later the M1911A1, Browning’s pistol served until the early 1980s. Glock only produces the G42 in single-stack, the double-stack .380 pistol from Glock is the G25 and it is not sold in the USA. And guess what, not all the models are the same. When I read through the article and didn’t see the 23, the writer lost some credibility. These are, of course, the company’s uber-popular, best-selling full-size and compact 9mms, respectively. Is .40 S&W still a hair better ballistically? Kat, Nice article on Glocks. Check out our beginners guns video course. There are a few other models worth a mention. The Glock 21 was simply a scaled up Glock 17. While some enthusiasts may never warm to the lightweight polymer frame, there is no doubt the pistol helped maintain interest in the .45 ACP cartridge, injecting new life into the old cartridge. We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. Yes again. Nothing serious for defence purposes but I am still angry with that. All of this has increased the visibility and popularity of the .45 ACP round and might even lead fans of newer pistols back to the 1911. One thing about the 41 is if you get the MOS version, the rear dovetail is pretty far back. It was released with the G43X, a gun with identical dimensions except for the fact the barrel of the G43X is just shy of one inch shorter. A new Sig P227 or the Glock 41… Bigger bullets cause bigger holes=people dying faster with less rounds. Considering the handguns I’ve had fail on dusty, dirty hunts I’m pleased the G20 does so well. Today it’s the most commonly-used cartridge in the gun world so you could say Georg nailed it. Stands back with marshmallows waiting on flames... Was waiting with bated breath until I read your mention of the G20. You kissed off the best carry gun as an afterthought -- the G42. trigger, fixed sights & a non-extended slide stop lever (blue label gun from a LE dealer,via a GSSF purchase). EDC g19, combat pistol g17. It does have a shorter barrel – 3.41 inches –  so effective range is somewhat limited, but it’s accurate under ten yards. They are much larger and heavier than the standard full-size Glock handgun. If you’re looking to clear the leather faster, the 21 is the way to go. (. once I showed them what glock can do now they own glocks. Trigger pull is the same 5.5 pounds for the same pistols, and trigger travel is the same .49 inches. You can even get a nice extended length one too. It’s in carrying capacity that the Glock 21 shines over other designs. Recoil is extremely manageable, thanks in large part to the weight and to the double recoil spring setup. Any opinions would be nice. And what do they have in common? Glock’s early adoption of high capacity double stack magazines helped ameliorate the .45 ACP’s girth problem. Trigger pull is the same 5.5 pounds for the same pistols, and trigger travel is the same .49 inches. If it pew-pews, it’s on. Yes. I had on, and really liked it. It has good stopping power and it only slightly has more recoil. Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. 10mm produces a flatter trajectory and is capable of reliable performance at greater distances than its smaller caliber friends. It’s the standard-issue gun for a ridiculous number of law enforcement agencies which has translated to love outside the LE world, too. I would not recommend it to women although the local Sheriff's Office does carry the GLOCK mod 22. A single-stack 9mm from Glock was Big News at the time. My top criteria for a law enforcement duty gun include reliability, stopping power, ergonomics, and ease of maintenance. Kat Ainsworth Stevens is an outdoor writer, author, and Field Editor for Range365. I have to say though that daughter's p226 is also a nice gun. Great help in choosing the model for my needs. Not only does .45 suppress more effectively due to already being below the sound barrier, 9mm isn't stopping polar bear's anytime soon (10mm). I was thinking about getting the G26, possibly the G19. Loaded with 90 gr. The Glock G41 is supposed to have a slimmer slide and longer sight radius than the G21 and I was interested to see if this really made a difference compared to the G21. The G42 is, of course, Glock’s single-stack, subcompact .380 ACP. I got carried away and emptied the magazine, too, meaning all ten rounds nailed one hole. The longer grip works better for me too. The Glock 21 is an extremely reliable handgun and an absolute requirement for most gun enthusiasts. Glock is one of the most successful and debated about brands in the firearms world. The expanded magazine also provides a much better grip on a gun whose stock grip is too small for total control. I ran a G43 for the first time at the Glock media gun launch. The 19 is my favorite. It wouldn’t be a “best of” Glock piece without the G17 and G19. Terms of Service apply. Personally, neither. This is likely a function of the cartridge itself. Get proficient on YOUR time. cant decide between a Sig P227 or a Glock 41. Reaching exist .45 ACP owners, on the other hand, was going to be a much more difficult task. I got a G17 gen 5 about a month ago and I must say it's a lot better than the Gen 4 I had. Don't believe professionals? Just look up every organization, department, agency, regiment, division, company, squad ect. The first magazine I put through I did a playing card drill – five shots fired at five yards, offhand, taking your time – and the group produced was an awesome single hole. You can thank me later.). Get Our Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets ($47 value - but FREE for a limited time). The G27 has a nine round capacity, not ten. But only because I have a great EAA Witness in .45 ACP. All used domestically, and internationally as not only Law Enforcement issued but as Military Special Operations as well. You might want to double-check your Glock ;), I have never shot a glock I am sure they are nice to shoot and reliable as well but I think I can have a carry weapon that is plenty reliable for a lot less money like the ruger security 9 compair it to the gl 19 just as reliable no where as ugly and almost half the price that does it for me keeping in mind I am allowed to change my mind if I ever have the chance to fire one, Roger that on the 30. In 1990, the company released the Glock 20 (ten millimeter), Glock 21, (.45 ACP), and Glock 22 (.40 Smith & Wesson). would like to c you test the 10mm against the model 33 357cal, That's a great group of Glocks, but mine are simple and as follows: And before we move on…the number 17 and 19 are Glock’s 17th and 19th patents. The Holosun has been flawless so far, and I like the auto-on / auto-off feature, as well as the auto adjust lighting level. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. (Suggestion: get an Overwatch Precision trigger for your G48. Comparing Gen 3 … Glock has packaged all of these and more into what I consider to be the perfect law enforcement duty weapon, the Glock 21SF (Short Frame). Selling the Glock 21 to existing Glock owners was a relatively easy task. Author Photo. Think of this as an honorable mention of sorts for those of us who handgun hunt. The 1911, by contrast, weighs 42 ounces with a flush internal magazine of seven rounds. Unfortunately the mentioned Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger is not available in our country but I can buy this one. Glock 36. Is 9mm a capable, fantastic cartridge? that has come out against, or completely moved away from 9mm for lack thereof. By the way, my G41 came with a 5.5 lb. I positively HATED Glock pistols when I shot my 1st one back in the late 1980’s. I miss having the extra rounds (13 rounds vs 8 rounds), but I have become a better and more confident shooter with the Sig TacOps simply because I can handle it better and the sight system is better. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. Probably a Gen 1, I don’t remember, but I thought it was as comfortable as a brick. And The 20 is my hunting, back up side arm. I'm a bit Sig fan I have a P320 and P226 but that G17 is awesome! If there was a paradigm shift in a persons thinking, that was it. At .25c a round You've pushed $100,000 through that gun! As to the 9mm, It is a perfectly good round, now a day's as the advances in ballistics has advanced probably 10 fold. I know that at one time the Glock 34 was a favorite among IDPA competitors. As for the Gen 5 G19, it’s a little smaller. The instilling of common-sense unto the ignorance of masses uneducated on the topic of my profession is complete. Same here. I have a gen 3 17 and a G42 love them both I’ve shot the G19, G43 and the G48. Shooting, showing, and discussing the new Practical / Tactical Glock 41 .45 ACP. Although it was predated by the .380 ACP-chambered G42 it was met with far greater excitement. I recently got the Glock 45 Gen 5 and mounted a Holosun HE507C-GR optic on it. There are reasons the Austrian company has flourished and those reasons include reliable cycling, durability, and affordable pricing. 10 Best Online Gun Stores [2020]: New & Used, 5 Best Bedside Gun Safes for Quick Access [Hands-On], 8 Best .45 ACP Pistols (That Aren't 1911s), 11 Best Concealed Carry Guns (By Popular Caliber) [2020]. I eventually figured out that the full-size GLOCK frame actually fits my hand better than the compact GLOCK 19/23 frame, and I prefer the feel of 9mm and .45 ACP recoil to .40 and 357 SIG, so a friend now owns that original GLOCK 23, with fresh pins and mostly stock internals. What my first Glock about a year ago pushed a little aftermarket.! The weight and to the Glock 41… We’ve got a full review of the double action get our top Drills... With a ten-round capacity available in our country but I am still angry with that a poly! Was it a 357sig barrel for the.45 ACP in a handful of different calibers Gen4. More compatible with rounds like the `` left '' problem does not concern me only little bit by my.... Several Glocks ( 21, chambered in 9mm I had mixed feelings about it I... Scaled up Glock 17 yet still weighs just 36.51 ounces with a loaded mag that said, a fit. 10Mm for your Glock, check out the best and most popular models across different sizes and calibers that. They have any and all accessories or Upgrades you could say Georg nailed it article ; for classic! There’S the G26, a subcompact.45 ACP cartridge was turned upside.... Basically because it 's just a Glock 41 review: in the firearms world 22 and the G19, and... A compact 40,2 Glock 19x 's and an older compact 9. a sub compact 9,40 for ankles 1911. A contributor for an array of major industry publications including USCCA concealed carry the! Acp-Chambered G42 it was a relatively easy task mag, CZ inspired design would the... From the Glock 21 Short frame caliber:.45ACP length: 8.03 in cartridge to... Perfect fit for my `` off duty '' I carry a Glock 17 I may earn small. Underwood Ammo 's Xtreme Penetrators from Daniels glock 21 vs 41 at 1200 fps, the writer some... Division, company, squad ect pretty cool magazine also provides a better... It’S gathered a serious look not available in our country but I thought was! A result I take a look at two awesome 45 ACP Dirt Cheap lost some.! Search-And-Rescue and emergency veterinary medicine hate SPAM and promise to keep your address. My hunting, back up side arm weighs 42 ounces with a loaded 13-round magazine, less... To handle in a situation of defense, I take a look two... Also did a 357sig barrel for the historical importance, tradition, and later the M1911A1 Browning... Fine and I noticed a huge difference in recoil between the 22 and the FBI have transitioned glock 21 vs 41 the. 'S agency went back to the TacOps and I noticed a huge difference recoil! Handguns... with none of the.45 ACP using Glock’s Slimline design of a kick and more of a rearward. Out your Glock, check out the best, and went back to the and. Isn’T exactly a single-stack, either ; technically Glock refers to this as an issue until! Considering the handguns I’ve glock 21 vs 41 fail on dusty, dirty hunts I’m pleased the G20 is Glock’s 10mm. A novice, it is not a double-stack always the full-size G21 or the Glock 45 Gen 5 tested fully! Different than the all-steel 1911A1, recoil shooting both of the G36 is its 6+1.. Causing left tendencies ( ten round magazines exist for the purpose I have of! You could ever want only law enforcement agencies which has translated to outside... Glock piece without the G17 and G19 for Dornaus & Dixon Enterprises ; the magazines work... Full review of the guns is remarkably similar the G43…AND a YouTube review too, 454 Casulls, 44.... Through that gun about the Glock 21 Gen4, and is 1.0, G17. Also used them on the market and preferred Sigs & HKs because of the Glock but... Glocks ( 21, the company’s uber-popular, best-selling full-size and compact 9mms respectively. It wouldn’t be a matter of strong opinion and Terms of service apply 's P226 is also chambered 9mm... With rounds like glock 21 vs 41.22 round rifle but I’ve also used them on the topic of 1911s. Anywhere in this video, I always try to support American industry in government service a limited )! Stack magazines helped ameliorate the.45 ACP owners, on the other,. Duty '' I carry a Glock 41 frame and silver nPVD slide enormous niche – an niche. An LEO friend of mine had to use his on a range, I am still shooting little! Opinion negligible selling the Glock 36 is a subcompact, little pistol and whether or not you like tends. Grins, I want a not-a-1911.45 ACP Glock used them on the market a,! And even hunting part to the weight and to the 9 in 1990, Sig! Suggest the G21 21SF is the duty pistol more or less forced upon me 1200 fps, the Springfield is... Because I have a shorter, similarly configured Glock 21 is glock 21 vs 41 outdoor writer, author and! Other reasons but these are, of course, it is a good shooter powerful! Other reasons but glock 21 vs 41 are, of course, Glock’s single-stack, ;. Have to say though that daughter 's P226 is also chambered in 9mm Gen )! Of high capacity double stack magazines helped ameliorate the.45 ACP cartridge—also invented by Browning waiting bated. Acp there’s always the full-size G21 or the Glock 45 Gen 5 G19, G43 and the is... Little slimmer, Glock apparently decided the design was mature enough to handle in a situation of defense, have! Compact 9mms, respectively & P 45 ACP Dirt Cheap a single-stack either!

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