1 decade ago. C School students don’t stand watches here, so whenever you’re not in class you’ll be on liberty. Dam Neck Annex . Is it nice there? Intelligence Specialist role report to Dam Neck, Va., where they receive formal Navy technical training at “A” School for approximately 13 weeks followed by advanced training at “C” School for 5–13 weeks. I hope in this discussion area questions about A school, C school, the Dam Neck Annex, and the Virginia Beach area can be addressed. Dam Neck is located on the Atlantic coast, five miles south of the downtown resort of Virginia Beach. Official website of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), the largest of the U.S. Navy's five system commands. Intelligence administration, maps and charts, operational intelligence, briefing, basic computer software operating skills to include typing tests, and other basic skills required for the rating.• Training Methods . Approximate Training Time . The base operator's phone number is 757-444-0000. 4 years ago. Those pursuing an Intelligence Officer position are required to attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Newport, R. I. Since its establishment, NMITC has trained intelligence professionals from the Navy, Marine Corps, other U.S. and allied armed forces, as well as civilian personnel. Don’t go to the Fleet fat. Navy intelligence specialists must attend a 13-week training period at a Class "A" school followed by five to 13 weeks at a Class "C" school. This rating (which is what the Navy calls its jobs) has the Navy Occupational Specialty (NOS) number B600. Favorite Answer. Tenant commands. Germany had not only developed practical missile born weapon delivery systems - but mobile launch facilities to make them even harder to detect and defend against. Other tenant commands currently at Dam Neck include the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU/NSWDG), Tactical Training Group Atlantic (TACTRAGRULANT), and Combat Direction System Activity (CDSA) Dam Neck. I'm interested because I'm at a crossroads and thinking about going direct commission "Green to Blue". Dam Neck, VA . Through this schooling, they develop the working knowledge it takes to be Navy The United States Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD), named for Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren, is located in Dahlgren, Virginia, with a geographically separated command, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division Dam Neck Activity (NSWCDDDNA), located in Virginia Beach, VA, in close proximity to the largest fleet concentration area in the Navy. 35.Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) Conference, "Cryptologic and Intelligence Training Requirements Review (CRITRR) Conference Directory, 5-9 June 1995," (Dam Neck, VA: NMITC, 1995), not paginated. In warmer weather, the beach on base is nice. Subjects . The only exception to this is students who are assigned to the IS A School barracks, but that is becoming less of an issue. Will i get to hear from him often? IS - Intelligence Specialist Page 2 of 163 CAREER ROADMAP ... Intelligence Specialist "A" School at Dam Neck Virginia and follow on "C" school at Dam Neck Virginia, E-Learning, etc.). Yak Rider. TSC Hampton Roads is also home to the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC), which trains Marines … What is Dam Neck, Virginia Navy A School Like? The info I have come up with this far is that their HUMINTERS attend the Marine CI/HUMINT schoolhouse at Dam Neck and that there are "specialized skills and training requirements". Some may be directed by your chain of command (Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint courses), and the remainder is voluntary (MNP, E-Learning, college courses, etc.). It was super chill, though it will most likely be more strict for A school students. Each year, over 17,000 students graduate from one of over 200 courses of instruction. Core courses are reviewed in this paper, at Appendix A. IS - Intelligence Specialist - E7 Page 2 of 41 CAREER ROADMAP ... Intelligence Specialist "A" School at Dam Neck Virginia and follow on "C" school at Dam Neck Virginia, E-Learning, etc.). These schools are in Dam Neck, Virginia. Answer Save. Upon arrival, a student management rep. will be … Not much else is out there. Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) Dam Neck, VA Schools/Other Find your Brothers on Marines.TogetherWeServed.com JOIN FOR FREE TODAY! The title was changed to Intelligence Specialist in 1975 since there is much more involved in intelligence than photographs, and not everyone in the rating is a man. In 2013, the Center for Information Dominance merged several Hampton Roads-based training locations with NMITC. Can I go with him? Relevance. In 1985, several naval intelligence training sites were consolidated to form NMITC at Dam Neck Annex. NAS Oceana Child Development Center and Dam Neck Annex Child Development Center will be open. On March 28, Marine Corps Col. Francis X. Cubillo, MCIS commanding officer, snipped the ribbon prior to the reception at its new office space at the Navy Marine Intelligence Training Center, 2088 Regulus Avenue. After commissioning, your career as a Naval Intelligence Officer begins at the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center in Dam Neck, VA where you will attend a five-month basic course of instruction. I'll be 40 this year and I definitely feel The clock ticking. Lv 7. Link to Navy Speak - Navy Terms & Acronyms: Navy Speak. Over 5,600 instructors, students, and support personnel live or work at Dam Neck. I was in Dam Neck for IT C-school, and I loved it there. Personnel with specific reporting questions should contact their chain of command. The sailor's vision must be correctable to 20/20 and they must have normal color vision. Walker Hall Building 199 is on your right. Jump in and introduce yourself! Go to the gym, study for advancement, something useful. NSWC Dahlgren Division Dam Neck Activity is a United States Navy field command located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in the world’s largest Navy fleet concentration area. Naval Air Station ... Navy Landing Signal Officer School; Naval Aviation Engineering Support Unit; Naval Aviation Meteorology and Oceanography Detachment; Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit; Personnel Support Detachment; Strike Weapons and Tactics School, Atlantic; Combat Direction Systems Activity Naval Air Station Squadrons. All personnel are encouraged to monitor our NAS Oceana page and local news stations for updates. A brief overview documentary of the modern day training that takes place at Marine Corps Intelligence Schools aboard Naval Air Station Oceana Dam Neck Annex, VA. Some may be directed by your chain of command (Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint courses), and the remainder is voluntary (MNP, E-Learning, college courses, etc.). 02/11/2020 Raymond calls out Russia for ‘threatening behavior’ in outer space - SpaceNews.com . Dam Neck Annex. Sixteen months after the Marine Corps Intelligence Schools (MCIS) stood up at Dam Neck Annex, the command now has a permanent home. It was established in 1957 and called the Photographic Intelligenceman rating. Bravo Zulu! All Hands Magazine's full length documentary "Making a Sailor": This video … VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (NNS) -- The Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) celebrated their 20th anniversary with a ceremony Oct. 20 at Dam Neck Annex. Guided Missile School, Dam Neck, Virginia: After World War II - the United States Navy was very interested in furthing the development of the missile technology they had "inherited" from Germany at the end of the war. Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana Dam Neck Annex is located directly along the Atlantic Ocean, just south of downtown Virginia Beach. 2 Answers. MIOC develops officers who can … My husband just joined the Navy and right now he is in bootcamp. Upon augmentation and three or more years of intelligence experience, all Marine Corps intelligence officers from the four specialty intelligence MOSs (MOS 0203, 0204, 0206, and 0207) are redesignated as a MAGTF Intelligence Officer, MOS 0202. 5 Weeks to 13 Weeks. Start making friends that can last a lifetime. Browse for groups for your PIR date, your sailor's occupational specialty, "A" school, assigned ship, homeport city, your own city or state, and a myriad of other interests. The training required graduates from Navy Basic Enlisted Submarine School to attend basic electronics training at “A” school, at Dam Neck before attending training at their rate specific “C” school, also located, at the center. What will it be like? Extensive computer and electronic communications knowledge are generally required. I'm just really excited and want to know everything about it, haha. Navy Expeditionary Intelligence Command (NEIC), based in Dam Neck, recently received accolades from the Department of Defense for their information dominance capability in maritime and expeditionary environments. With a force of 74,000 civilian, military and contract support personnel, NAVSEA engineers, builds, buys and maintains the Navy's ships and submarines and their combat systems. TSC HR Dam Neck Student Check-In Information - Student check-in - Student check in is conducted beginning at 6:30 a.m. - Directions: From the NAS Oceana Dam Neck Annex main gate, go straight on Dam Neck Road (yield to oncoming cars on round-about). I swore in about 4 and a half months ago, and my original ship date was supposed to be in January, but I just got a new one for next month. A reminder that … He'll be going to A School in Dam Neck Virginia. Is he going into the IS (Intelligence Specialist) career field? materials that describe in detail the : Approximately 13 Weeks . CIWS is the longest school, so make sure to use your time wisely. Link to Navy Speak - Navy Terms ... to know so much about what they face as they go from Seaman Recruit (SR) at boot camp, to SA (Seaman Apprentice) at Dam Neck, to IS as they exit school. Dam Neck's unique location has many advantages for the Navy. This MOS is granted upon completion of the MAGTF Intelligence Officer Course (MIOC) at NMITC in Dam Neck, Virginia. NAS Oceana, Dam Neck Annex is host to 12 tenant commands. Welcome to NAS Oceana Dam Neck Annex. I'm gonna be an Intelligence Specialist (IS), and I was wondering if anyone can give me any details on how things go down in A school? The mission on base centers around specialized training and support services for NAS Oceana and the other numerous Navy installations in close proximity to Dam Neck Annex. Up until the mid-1970s students were housed in barracks built in the 1940s and 1950s, while the training was conducted in classrooms of similar vintage. At the 4-way stop, take a left on Regulus Avenue. Dam Neck has 3.2 miles of some of the most beautiful beach front in Virginia and covers over 1,100 acres of highlands, marshes, coastal beaches and sand dunes.

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