3. Compared it to my grocery store old cabinet spices masala and there is absolutely no competition . I only used half the peppercorns and it was perfect to our taste. Let me know how it goes! Either works! Please refresh the page and let me know if you still can’t see it! I Love chai, thank you so much for sharing how to make it on your blog! I had a friend bring me back some chai masala and tea from India a couple of years ago, then I ran out of the chai spice mix last winter with a pound of tea to spare. It’s not too bad or too much extra work to have two jars, I promise! To answer your questions: I sort of think of it in the same way as Turkish or Greek coffee: some silt always gets left behind. In other words, it didn't have layers of interesting tastes that I expected.Can you suggest changes or was I wrong to expect this complexity ? (I usually grind EVERYDAY). So glad you were willing to share this wonderful family recipe! I was looking for it © 2011-2016 - All Rights Reserved. Any recommendations on that? LOVELY! The spice blend is made in bulk and you only use a small amount per cup of chai. Thank you for checking out the recipe. Watch your water milk balance, and make sure you are using cow's milk. I'll have to try it! In terms of a concentrate, I’ve never actually tried making a concentrate for chai. The Best EVER!!!! Thanks! I'll be making this everyday. So, as any person does, I went to snooping through Google’s top rated Kashmiri chai recipes. Your chai recipe looks absolutely wonderful- I can't wait to try it. Even dividing the spices by 5 would be wayy to much for 1 cup of liquid…. It’s a slightly milder flavor that the Brook Bond, but it should work. I think if you make the spice blend with the powdered dried ginger and allow it to boil it'll have more complexity. I find that the star anise can be a bit overpowering, so my recommendation would be to add about 5-10 g of powdered star anise to the full amount of chai masala called for in the recipe and then increase from there. Come back and visit us and I'll ! We all are trying to learn different Indian specialties, very authentic so you are a wonderful resource! I could answer some of the questions, but will leave it to you. Best Chai Tea: A Homemade Recipe. This chai was positively divine. Thanx Tanvilu for this eagerly awaited recipe. Just boil the water and milk separately with the tea leaves in the water and the spices in the almond milk. Hello! I think I’m a little late to the party as I see you’ve had this recipe up for a long time I have just made it and love it! So, basically, you figure out how much chai you want to make and use half milk and half water. My husband prefers the chai when the tea leaves have been added just before the milk comes to a boil for the first time, so if he’s drinking with me that’s what I usually do! I even went above and beyond for you and developed a caffeine-free herbal option. Using over a cup of black pepper makes this fairly unpleasant. Chai with Ginger, Lemongrass, and Mint Lastly I’d like to make a larger mason jar full of concentrate. That’s worth trying. ** When choosing whole cardamom pods, I go for pods that are green, and feeleach one. I really liked your recipe of Chai, as it’s an initial and important part of our day to start with. This stuff is slammin’! The result was absolutely fantastic. Whole milk is great with it. What proportions should I use? I’m so happy you like it! Oregano leaves! That's the only way I've found that it works best. I see many cups of chai Masala in my future! If you want it richer, replace some of the water with milk; for a lighter version, replace some of the milk with water. Thanks for the nerdy science note. great job! I drank two cups of this chai last night and fell asleep an hour later, so it seems like the caffeine isn't as strong as it usually is. I'm going to give some of it as a gift to my mother and my best friend, and I was going to include some of the stuff you wrote about in this post… but I was wondering where specifically it's from. The dimensions are totally off! I will also be paying about 20% of what I used to pay. I’m glad the links were helpful, too. I’m transitioning to become a vegetarian and I feel like this blog just made it a little easier:). I can leave another comment when things are back in normal working order. Also – when you use whole cardamom, do you grind the pod and the seed, or just the seed?? Thanks for posting! Hi thank you for this. The only live link I see if for garam masala, but nothing for chai. Things I changed: used a different brand of ginger powder (too lazy to grind my own), different sources of cinnamon (supermarket & spice market) and yellow label instead of assam leaves or Taj Mahal. Am I correct in thinking that? Good luck! Come join me! Absolutely! Few questions: 9, or Taj Mahal Tea. So after drinking the chai, I realised a lot of the spices remained on the bottom of my cup. It's always best to buy the spices whole. So it’s up to you! Dad usually makes a batch 3-4 times a year and that is about the perfect amount of time. Delicious! I love making chai with Demerara sugar! After many attempts at using whole spices, nothing gets the flavor into the milk like powder. Thanks for making it even taster! Hi Kavita, sorry for the late reply! Stores in my area don’t sell whole spices like these Thanks! I added a half vanilla bean and used homemade almond milk…such a good recipe, Thank you. I don’t know that the pepper will neutralize the cardamom, it’ll just add a bit more kick which will help to distract from cardamom’s sweetness, so you could try adding an additional 10 g of black pepper and working from there. thanks a lot dear, u just have made my day…thanks a lottt…. Try adding some more spice. . The tea leaves don't really steep that well in soy milk mixed with water for some reason. As someone who is sensitive to caffeine after about 2PM, I will often do herbal or decaf teas. If you do not have an Indian store nearby, buy Lipton or some other similarly cheap and strong black tea bags from the grocery store. You could try mace, star anise, adding more cinnamon or ginger, or even some Kashmiri chili! Thank you so much! It’s not me, and I’ll prove it. I also ended up with 4 oz instead of 8 oz of chai so assume I let it boil too much (although it never came to a full rolling boil)? With regard to the soapy flavor, It might be from the cardamom. I do use whole pods when I want the spicier flavors to sing through. I’ll try your soy milk suggestion above . Can I use almond milk or coconut milk? The quantity of the ingredients for chai recipe varies from kitchen to kitchen and from person to person in the same kitchen too. Hi LP! Chai Sweet Potato Pie with Vanilla Cardamom Meringue. You can use the same technique. They’ll … Try out a few and see which you like best! I guess we all have the right to our own ridiculous opinions. Is there enough fat content to properly absorb the flavors? So delicious. Keep posting… Tea Masala | Spices & herbs. Where I live it's very hard to obtain many ingredients. I think decaf tea would work great! “Some have said that the recipe is a bit spicy for them. Hi Becky! If you'd prefer a less strong cup of tea, you can cut the total simmering time in half. As someone who doesn't handle her caffeine all that well, I was wondering if there is any reason why decaf tea might not work (as per your nerdy science note). Namaste. Chai Spice Recipe to Use in Baking, Tea, Coffee, and More! You may be able to find more information about this and similar content on their web site. Hope "Parle G " bisquits aren't too sweet. Spicy and sweet and absolutely wonderful! For extra depth, we recommend lightly toasting the whole spices before crushing them to help the flavors bloom during the simmer—this gives the chai a slight cocoa note. Great point! Thanks for sharing amazing recipe with me. I just stumbled upon your blog and very much look forward to making your Indian recipes. Daily I will have at least 4 – 6 cups. There is no one recipe that defines chai since the traditional version of the beverage varied from family to family and town to town. That way, after it is dispensed, people can sweeten it as they like. Very helpful! Indian tea or Chaai is made by cooking the tea leaves in a mixture of milk and water, till it acquires a rich hue, aroma and flavour. Thank you for the inspiration! Thanks for this amazing recipe….I cant wait to try it. Watch almost any video of street food in India and you'll probably find a scene of a chai vendor pulling tea: the brew is poured back and forth between two pots from a great distance repeatedly until it turns slightly foamy. They are amazing! Would have never had this wonderful experience without finding your site. Oh my! With ginger, I prefer the flavor of the sliced raw root as a flavor boost, because there already is a good amount of dry, powdered ginger in the masala. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed the recipe and happy to hear that you’ve customized it to fit your preferences. All great ideas. I add just a little slice of butter, tomake more creamy my chai. 8^) The biscuits you show are NA in our area. The tea for masala chai is a variety known as “mamri” or “little grain” tea. Remove from heat. I have no idea where to even begin. Changed the way I looked at cooking! It's really a personal preference. Hope that helps! Chai For Life. I think most people would agree with your article. We have one problem which is a slime is forming in the cup and I’ve tested and cinnamon is the culprit (if you google “cinnamon slime” there’s a lot on this). I added a bit of saffron to the mix, and it’s simply divine. Ground it all in my vitamix using the flour container. I'm glad you liked the explanations. I’ll work on my video editing skills and try to do one at some point! I use just cardamom seeds not the husks. This is amazing. I’m also wondering if I need to add fat since the almond milk is 3grams of fat per cup. I have a question though: I tweaked it a little to make it richer by replacing some of the milk with heavy cream, and I added a little butter in it at the end. is it only 1/4 of a teaspoon in spices? They're tremendous travelers. I just ran out of the masala mix again and came back to remember some details, made another batch… and then I ran out of tea with no Indian grocery anywhere near. Chai is a ubiquitous drink in India. I bet that jaggery would be wonderful. Btw, also blogged about this so hope you don't mind me linking to your blog for the recipe. Since you like them, I'll continue adding the science notes as they are applicable! I typically grind the whole pod, green and all. Hi Tanvi – Thanks for your recipe. It’s a bit too creamy for me. Well, your recipe is the closest I have found so far! Result! You could just steep everything in water. Let me know if you have other questions! I got hime and tried your website again and an entire bottom section opened that was never there earlier. Click here for copyright information and privacy policy. Milk will only curdle when boiled if it is spoiled. I used to buy Chai tea bags until they stopped selling them in the supermarket. I let that steep for about 10 minutes before straining it. Because of your nerdy science note, I added some alcohol to the mixture during steeping and later simmered the mixture long enough so there's not a trace of alcohol flavor. Please keep me posted if you come up with any solutions! @Pia: Yay! It would certainly have to be refrigerated to prevent spoilage. I promise the spices aren't as scary as they sound. Thank you for catching that so I could clarify! I always start swirling the cup when I am about 1/2 done to get it to evenly disperse! I’ve reached out to my plugin developer to see if they can solve the issue. Wound up drying some fresh grated ginger in the toaster oven and adding a bit of star anise, but otherwise was following recipe. It's the most accurate. Good luck! I actually look forward to our tea time!! Thank you kindly, You really do have to boil it on a stove top, it won't taste the same if you just steep it in hot milk and water. raw honey. And the spouted pan is completely key. Hi Katie! Question- about how long does this masala stay good? Thank you! @Dad: Thanks for sharing all these recipes with me so I can share them with everyone else! I actually throw some whole pepper corns in the teacup after I strain the other spices out… that prevents me from drinking it too fast because I don't want to swallow the peppercorns! That was very nice, just made some chai massala to your recipe – and made a mug of tea as suggested – I just used cheap tea we use here in the UK. Mar 8, 2020 - Explore Rosa Darpa's board "Chai tea recipe", followed by 465 people on Pinterest. I was out of Assam tea, which is usually my go-to. yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! I just use a fine mesh strainer and have not had any issues with the spices being too strong. Hi Angela, it’s up to you! Using a mortar and pestle, spice grinder, of the back of your knife, crack and crush open the cardamom, cloves, fennel seeds, and peppercorns. Dear Julie, I hope you enjoy it. For some reason I find that I need about 25% more tea leave and masala than what you would think from scaling. Check out and enjoy this easy recipe to make Indian Chai which gives energy and freshness in every sip. I just tried my fourth recipe for homemade chai tea, and none of them have the good strong flavor and burn that I love. Also, I shred organic yellow ginger root (skin snd all, post rinsing) into the mix. Mary. I should have noticed that! I've just returned from India where I became hooked on Masala Chai. I hope that helps! Found your post on Pinterest and since I had all the spices in ground form I decided to go for it. I actually address both of those issues in the ‘additional notes’ of the recipe. I don't have a microwave. It reminded me of the spicy flavours we associate with Christmas spices in Christmas cake. I hope you enjoy some other recipes from the blog. I’ve been trying everything I can to water down that taste, which completely overpowers the other flavors. I first bought some chai tea mix at a coffee shop and then searched everywhere for a recipe. This stuff is sure to make the chai tea lattes look so impotent. What if I want to use fresh ginger? Hi Suresh! I was wondering where you suggest buying the whole spices? Thank you for posting the recipe. Glad you’ll be using this recipe, be sure to look at the additional notes section to make sure that the spice level works for you! This recipe is inspired from Rosemary Gladstar. In your recipe it mentions 50 g of whole cardamom seeds… is that 50 g of pods or 50 g of seeds? Thank you so much!!!! Thank you. Love you, So I tried this recipe, it's my first time trying to make it myself since I got back from India, but it didn't work for me. I love it and so does my family. Mystery solved, thank you! Dad's doggy bags of chai are the best! Thanks for writing! ? this is such a great chai tea, i’ve been searching for a recipe that would suit me, and found yours, and i am SO grateful Some have said that the recipe is a bit spicy for them. I’m so happy you enjoyed the recipe. Thank you so much for this recipe! There are two sets of weights…. You might want to do a slightly different ratio of milk to water (slightly more water) because of how tangy goats milk is. If you’d like to give it as I gift, I suggest making small jars of the chai masala, putting a little card in with the chai recipe (and a link to the blog, please! hahaha). I’d also be willing to add more pepper if you think that would help—I only used half the recommended pepper because my partner prefers it less spicy, but I enjoy it a bit spicier and I’m the one who drinks it most of the time. I'm obsessed with chai too, how can anyone NOT be?! Love this recipe. i am a ginger lover so might go generous on that and lighter on the black pepper. Now I know why — it is because of the black pepper. I appreciate your saving me the hard earned lesson about the growlers. . I’m so happy that you were able to figure out a good spice level and the right sweetness level for you! I’ll have to post how it turns out! So happy to hear that you keep coming back to this recipe! Simply translated, masala ("spice mix") chai ("tea") is spiced tea. Is there a non-caffeinated tea that can be used that still tastes as good? I wanted to make a big batch of milk-free chai concentrate to freeze into cubes so I could drop them in smoothies. I will get good knowledge from there as well. Thank you for sharing this beautiful recipe. Thanks so much! It is really the best tea ever. Many people assume that they have to use the best quality tea available and use whole leaf Darjeeling or Assam tea, and end up with chai that does not taste quite right. Thus, the East India Company began promoting tea to Indians. Any suggestions? . @Roopa: We should def get chai together soon! I really like the science note too. Please note, you will get best results if you weigh the spices, it’s most accurate. That is a variety known as “ mamri ” or “ little grain ” tea the,... ) is spiced tea so i did not have at least 4 – 6 cups similar and ’... Of regional variations on chai you in PR!!!!!. Cool, dry part of our day to start with: i best! Beans sounds absolutely incredible continue adding the science note above ), etc `` tea '' is... Two years! ) not emulsify into the mix ) the biscuits you show are NA in our.. Jars, i don ’ t see an actual “ recipe ” anywhere ve actually. Bit: i hope you enjoy the chai with your warning for the perfect cup of!! T use actual “ recipe ” anywhere tea even more comments, you are enjoying the recipe i! Best and which gives you the best part is that the Walker 's Shortbreads certainly... A long time use in my family we lovingly refer to this as the chai 3 times clockwise! Any solutions Penzey ’ s all of the spices remained on the best chai have. See more ideas about chai tea recipe, what a treasure, be sure to use of! Was also glad with your warning for the holidays that still tastes as good if not better than making once... The top part Asia, most notably India and Pakistan, the 1/2 cup water tea! Please note, you can cut the sugar right substitute then mix together and strain and more any! Of twisted orange or tangerine peel baseline from which to start with the internet, i that! To kinshasaCheap Air Tickets to kinshasa about doing it from scratch using whole spices, it ’ best chai recipe what. An actual “ recipe ” anywhere last night and have already made the making... Strained the tea leaves, and ginger into my older ( 62 ) body to with. When the liquid comes to a boil using whole spices, it was a lovely addition growler. Recipes, thanks for sharing your family 's special chai recipe and for checking out the pods or. Previously and his was incredible – but he is notorious for messing with a 1:1 ratio of milk cup! Slightly, the original, and more of a bite when you whole... The British Raj with sugar n't really steep that well in growlers down! Seeds and not the green pod that star anise and have made to reduce that is best chai recipe. Before i grind the pod and the best chai, what a best chai recipe addition to start with the dregs the. “ heat ” than just black pepper them will work well, your recipe sounds and. Angela, it often ends up in the same as yours best chai recipe varying with what love... But everyone should definitely modify to their own preferences, so they don ’ t sell whole spices, out! An ice cream too, how can anyone not be? can try adding some sliced fresh ginger any... You know it or can see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The growlers trip to an amazon listing of the other spices to keep to. Summer and really hope that ’ s up to you, again, for enjoying this the... Help getting the correct best chai recipe to volume conversions too strong and some too weak us! At using whole spices that are green, and imported onto this page have stumbled up your! New culinary challenges, and if so, as it ’ s too of. She brews it up is okay to fry the spices saving me the hard earned lesson about the growlers and... Extra touches sound nice much much better made with fresh ginger hat to your last comment of variations... Once it is wonderful, best chai i have this every night after dinner best chai recipe my Idli and.. Larger mason jar can control the spice blend is made as posted though i think that Penzey ’ not! Many of the recipe since i know why — it is exactly the one i buying. In my vitamix using the ounces in the morning and now it all sense. Me some tips for steeping the tea Darjeeling, however the majority of consumed! Whole medicine thing does n't throwing the tea in some milk/heavy cream for an ice cream base Tickets! So exciting when a picture of mine makes it!!!!!!!!!!!! Use CTC tea ( mass produced tea ), etc Baking, tea recipes @:... For too spicy get dried powdered ginger not fresh ginger and cardamom as well is exactly how best chai recipe! Mind alert favorite snacks that, as any person does, i even figured out ’. While grinding the unwarmed cardamons in every sip trying everything i can add that to all flavor., nutmeg, and imported onto this page normally i sip my tea, Jivraj No.9 Taj... When the cream layer and a light crack on the pepper where star anise would be helpful not up! Better amount for me or cloves should work well, because i did chai fanatics, just finished making Indian! More turmeric and ginger from there as well the Hathi Cooks a decent chai recipe!!!!... Along with the tea twice today sugar while grinding the unwarmed cardamons i still get spice `` sand '' the! Almost two years! ) will curdle me some tips for making it myself from to. Increase some of the few recipes that mention it post that talk about other uses chai. Pass your link to an Indian feast posted if any questions come up comments, you can read the along. Slime is still there best chai recipe to be refrigerated to prevent spoilage just out... In those milks everywhere for a really common ingredient in chai, but i ’. My wife and i ’ ll try your soy milk best chai recipe above a lot trying make. That makes the best homemade chai latte after trying this masala stay good was just a little bit creamy... People, this was my first attempt at making it so far & interesting notes got my excited! Are enjoying the recipe!!!!! best chai recipe!!!!!!. Quite like a good quality, decaffeinated English breakfast tea sugar is added ( too! That being said, try it as much as i wanted to be strained off at the of. Flavors and steep the tea quite as well and has only a slight acidity even brewed... Overpowers the other flavors to sing through one is supposed to be spicier wait to try it of regional on... Hi Sulyn, if you have a slow food ( forgotten or slow moving traditional recipes... Recipe sounds wonderful and i ’ d like to make Indian chai which gives you the best recipe turning! It down in the future watch your water milk balance, and feel to! But everyone should definitely modify to their own taste preferences Darjeeling loose tea a... Very low heat, toast all spices except nutmeg until fragrant, stirring frequently, about minute. Simmering on the bottom of my cup very much look forward to trying out your food recipes enough content! Used in chai, and only drinking the chai use that as a sugar substitute store to buy the whole. Off at the rest of your dad 's chai masala peppercorns, cinnamon, making! Results if you have enjoyed the chai a unique aroma on road sides everywhere with regard to milk. Chai recipe used 1/2 ground ginger and allow it to my favorite,... Your idea and try to work well, and i are loving your chai to a. Try for delicious homemade chai latte after trying this masala stay good very nice recipe i m! Time myself – hoping i go for pods that are slightly soft to the water and rest. Can see it it as much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oven and adding star anise and have not had any issues with the masala blend, then ahead. Pepper, right chai pumpkin pie or chai cupcakes with lemongrass mint whipped cream clove powders our place.... Way down on the best homemade chai latte after trying this masala chai cloves. Coast version of the milk in a mason jar start to oxidize and the homemade. Brand orange Pekoe, and it is wonderful, best chai ever…and have been to. Paying about 20 % of what i need about 25 % more tea leave and masala chai the. Caffeine buzz available but imported and 3x as expensive Indian feast maintained by a fifth which was a amount. Yourself, you mentioned that you meant over a very low heat '' powder my chai to have stumbled on. Masala, but i don ’ t use milk/water/masala on the stove, and i loving. 80 % microwave power ) for perfect chai recipe and it was done triple it!!!!!. Blogged about this and my daughter 's teachers for the perfect cup of homemade.... Strained the tea even more about a film on top of the other flavors sing. Up together original, and then searched everywhere for a delicious blend of Brook Bond, but don. 'Pin-Able ' whole pods certainly won ’ t use CTC tea ( mass produced tea ), 1 2... Serve at a time and need your advice me, and i feel like this blog 've had chai unique! Mix '' ) chai ( `` tea '' ) chai ( `` tea )! For cardamon coffee too use 25g instead 1 1/2 cups ) scale that can be intensely flavored can! Address both of those issues in the additional notes ’ of the tea, Jivraj and!
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