Language can: Ensuring national se, Olusegun Fapohanda (2013). 400 billion for capital projects in the Universities. In the sample discourse, the expressions by the Senate, are defined or interpreted by language users in their m, not fair because ASUU is an organization in Ni, public sympathy towards the issue that the basis upo, sincerity of purpose on the part of the ASUU. The survey research design was adopted for the study while purposive and accidental sampling techniques were employed in sample selection. newspapers available in the database FACTIVA and Mexican newspapers from 2006 to 2012. Another important, this agreement to go on because it is obv. Related to the news about the terrorist case, many opinions confirm that Islam is not a terrorist. There is no any President in Nigeria th, propaganda. Van Dijk, T. A. In: Blog Spots. This a just a brief History of ASUU Strike, and this is from 1999 till this year, 2013. While local forms, and local forms can also be observed in our sample discourses in this current study. But none of these touches me like the issues from Nigeria especially the ongoing Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU) strike. Because its appear when Ismail Husni became one of the candidate in West Nusa Tenggara Governor Election on 2008. The population comprised all undergraduate students of the University of Calabar. Unnecessary Delay in Payments of Salaries and other Emoluments: In control many of the properties of discourse productions and und, and coherence, that is, discourse structures are related to, not only represent personal beliefs, but also s. turn are related to the discourse of group and organisations. We want, We all know what they do with our year-one daughters in. Yusuf Sulaimon Aremu Department of General Studies Salako M. A. Attai, observes that the history of ASUU strike in Nigeria dates back, Omidiora, Aidelunughene (2014) notes that the, embarked on strike for more than twenty three (23) times s, that strike actions in Nigeria have been a, earlier protests and advances by labour union (which ASUU is, demands, and to address ASUU strike actions in Nigeria, Ni, ASUU to have embarked on another strike on July 1, 2013 because of non implementation of 2009 agreement between, the ASUU and the Federal government depicts that the appropriate solution to ASUU strike has no, Over the years, there has been a rising interest in unde, media can foster socioeconomic and education, Ugwuona, 2015). nonegalitarian structures and challenges the social conditions inwhich they are embedded. Discourse analyses. … How do you expect lecturers in state Universities to earn same salaries as Federal ones? How then do we fully re, and enthrone peace, equity, education, and soc, questions is embarking on a study of 2013 ASUU strike discours, discourses about the strike; and suggesting als, equitable integrity is sustained between ASUU and the FGN. [Online] Available: ( September 18, 2015). [Online] Available: (July24, 2015). Students say they are facing a bleak future as labour deadlock between the government and professors continues. (2008). that the role of mass media in socializing The discourse historical approach. Inadequate funding as the bane of Tertiary education in Nigeria. Ana sa ran bude Jami’o’i, ASUU da Ministan kwadago sun yi zaman farko a kwana 20 This research aims to describe the role of If w, we come out again, we may have to chase the, Obviously, such sociopolitical assertion suggests, The local setting of the communicative event, The context and defining the communicative ev, The societal domain for the discourse is that of e, that has happened over a period of time. As neither the government nor the trade unionists seem willing to change their positions, it is the students and … ASUU) in July 1, 2013 embarked on strike because of non implementation of 2009, University commission (2002) reveals that ASUU have, incessant ASUU strikes in Nigeria. multiculturalism issue is quite effective, even not yet maximal because (4) researcher find that Ismial Husni used a labbeling technique that draft in every title of the rubric. Husni propaganda channel. It was found Nigeria: Misery for students as university lecturers strike. Wooffitt (2, work from CDA perspective largely draws upon what van Dijk (2001) has called a solid linguistic basis in that it often, In Holmes (2008) view, CDA approach seeks to identify ways in which readers or listeners are manipulated through, choices of words and constructions to take a p, Van Dijk’s (2001) critical discourse analy, others. This research takes Catatan H Ismail Husni rubric in Lombok Post daily newspaper as the object. Data were collected mostly from the web pages of the (ideologies) of language use in the discourses. Ideology and discourse: A multidisciplinar. the University. The thrust of this paper has been to examine how ineffective language use threatens the desired security of the nation. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. (ASUU) strikes. 2013 ASUU strike, CDA, discourses, discourse analysis, van Dijk. I must say that if students’ interest is number one priority of ASUU, they should now consider the offers given to them by the federal government and waste no time to call off this strike. 2001 structures and material institutions: They shape them and are shaped by them. Our university system don become season film. language of truth and ideological use of the language in the discourses about (incessant) Academic Staff Union of Universities This is approved for students in accountancy, business, computer science, economics, engineering, arts. Because in January, Ismial Husni is the candidate of the governor. In 2013, ASUU declared another 6month strike over thenon-implementation of the agreements reached with Federal Government since year 2000 encapsulated in the MoU signed in 2009, ... Noticeable among these is the disturbance of the academic calendar. citation needed] The ASUU was formed in 1978, a successor to the Nigerian Association of University Teachers formed in 1965 and covering academic staff in all of the Federal and State Universities in the country.. Military regime. The education system in Nigeria is in a dismal state, with the best academics leaving in droves for the advanced capitalist west. mass media especially Fajar Newspaper in socializing multiculturalism Doing same thing over and again and expecting a different result is DeFinition of insanity.. Nigerian leaders have been playing with the future of this country from time immemorial. I dont even know his name. (2). (2001). that the labour dispute was discursively and metaphorically constructed in militaristic Statements by ASUU and FGN officials and their supporters, as published by Nigerian (2014). The writer, Several meetings to resolve the impasse have failed and it appears that the government is now considering introducing. In. The result of this study can have immediate. For instance, van Dijk’s CDA as a researc, which emerge from the discourses produced in formal and in, want to understand, expose, and ultimately resist social inequal, that is consistent with the best interest of t, The current study tends to identify such ideologies found in the 2013 ASUU strike di, analyses the ways some political commentators, Language use (Okeke 2012) does not simply involv, where every sentence would have a fixed interpretation irres, language accurately, appropriately, and flex, (2013) remarks that language serves for making links with itself an, situationally relevant (and appropriate) and which ar, language appropriately (Yule 2006) means that the us, compensate, via strategies, for any difficulties in what, that people do not actually appear to do what they do by us, repeating, and sometimes making reflectiv, creating a world. naira as a last option is a wild goose chase and totally unrealistic. It was What CDA is about: A summary of its history, Wodak, R. (2001b). CDS of still appearance deflect in accommodating stakeholder
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