This was because it was reported that a slight decrease in tropical activity from the previous forecast and is due solely of a slight decrease in SSTs over in the same region.[6]. [42], In the days after Chanchu moved through the Philippines, then-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ordered that the country's National Disaster Coordinating Council help all towns affected by the storm. The JTWC identified a tropical depression near the Caroline Islands late on August 4 UTC. On the afternoon of September 10, it entered the PAGASA AOR and was named Luis. transplants. A ferry with 700 people aboard went missing, but the Coast Guard found it washed ashore with everyone safe on board. It was upgraded to a tropical storm on the afternoon of November 26 and named Durian. Later, high waves killed one person in Okinawa and left another person missing, while rains extended into South Korea. [54] Ultimately, 43 different organizations and people donated $29,000 (USD) to the Vietnam Red Cross. 颱風珍珠(英語: Typhoon Chanchu ,國際編號:0601,聯合颱風警報中心:02W,菲律宾大气地球物理和天文服務管理局:Caloy)是2006年太平洋颱風季第一個被命名的熱帶氣旋。 「珍珠」是由澳門所提供的颱風名稱,是一種由軟體動物(主要是牡蠣)生產的硬的、圓滑的產物。 [1][4] Late on May 10, the JTWC upgraded Chanchu to typhoon status, estimating 1 minute sustained winds of 140 km/h (85 mph). The remnants continued toward Japan before dissipating at 18:00 UTC that day off the west coast of Kyushu in southern Japan. The system continued to strengthen, and the JTWC upgraded it to a tropical storm on October 27. However, the airport remained open throughout the storm passage and many flights successfully landed or took off on August 3. The JMA selected the names from a list of 140 names, that had been developed by the 14 members nations and territories of the ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee. [8], By the time Chanchu attained peak winds, an eastward-moving trough over China broke up the ridge to the north,[7] causing the typhoon to turn sharply to the north into a less favorable environment. Residents were warned about the possibility of torrential rains, flooding and mudslides. Aftermath of Typhoon Caloy. However, the name Gloria from 2002 was retired and replaced with Glenda, as it was the name of the incumbent Philippine president at that time.[100]. Saomai was responsible for at least 458 deaths, mostly in China, and $2.5 billion (2006 USD) in damage. Durian also crossed the basin and into the North Indian Ocean basin, the first time since 2003. The name "Ewiniar" was submitted by the Federated States of Micronesia, and refers to a traditional storm god of Chuuk. [89] The depression made its second landfall over in the border of northern Vietnam and China as it rapidly deteriorated and absorbed by a front on July 4. [45] Typhoon Ioke then passed just to the northeast of Minami Torishima, which had been evacuated ahead of the storm, but as a weakened Category 3-equivalent typhoon. Nine hours later, the JTWC upgraded Tropical Depression 08W to a tropical storm, three hours before the JMA named it Saomai. As it traveled in an erratic northwestward direction, it slowly became better organized. [22], Ahead of the storm, the Central Weather Bureau in Taiwan issued land and sea warnings. The JMA declared the system a tropical depression and stopped issuing advisories on August 16. [29] The typhoon brought the onset of the summer monsoon in the South China Sea after shifting the prevailing winds over the region. The JTWC classified it as Tropical Depression 23W early on November 9. The China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Hong Kong Observatory both identified a tropical depression in the southern South China Sea on September 22. The JTWC designated the system as a Tropical Depression at 9 p.m. UTC August 24, but only issued two warnings on the system. Though never officially warned upon by any agency, meteorologist Gary Padgett and Dr. Karl Hoarau of Cergy-Pontoise University surmised that the system likely was a tropical cyclone. The CMA issued its final warning on July 22 as it started to weaken rapidly. [19][20] In Hong Kong, the Gale force signal 8 should have been hoisted for at least 10 hours as sustained gales were affecting the Eastern part of the territory, where the hourly mean wind reached 83 km/h, with gust reaching over 100 km/h in some areas. Typhoon Chanchu (Philippine name 'Caloy') was the stronger tropical cyclone of May 2006. The depression degenerated into an area of low pressure early the next day. On January 20, the JMA began monitoring a minor tropical depression located about 555 km (345 mi) east of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. By contrast, the JMA estimated it intensified only into a severe tropical storm with winds of 95 km/h (60 mph). The name Xangsane was submitted by Laos and means elephant. By 1200 UTC on October 16, Soulik had transitioned into an extratropical cyclone as it rapidly traveled towards the northeast. According to the JTWC, this would place the island within an area affected by typhoon-force winds. In response to the threat, officials at the Hong Kong Observatory, as well as in Macau, issued a standby signal to inform the public of the approaching typhoon. Typhoon Caloy, also called "Chanchu," first made landfall on May 12, 2006, at Northern Samar in central eastern Philippines. Also, this season was more active, costly, and deadly than the previous season. On August 5, the JMA classified the depression as a tropical storm while the JTWC kept it as a depression. Some of the forecasts took into consideration what happened in previous seasons and the La Niña conditions that were observed during the previous year. The system was designated Tropical Depression 22W by the JTWC later that day. [50] Residents and industries in Vietnam raised ₫360 million (VND, US$36,000)[nb 6] for the families of the deceased fishermen, as well as providing 1 ton of rice. The disturbance moved west-northwestward over the next two days and gradually became better organized, and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center issued a Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert on the system on October 26. The storm also caused power outages in Shantou,[38] and damage there totaled ¥2.56 billion yuan (RMB, US$320 million). Early on August 13, as it moved to the north-northwest, the JTWC upgraded it to a tropical storm. Wukong then stalled over Kyūshū, before starting to jog to the north-northwest. Residents were advised to remain indoors, and workers reinforced billboards in anticipation of the strong winds. Typhoon Saomai was the most powerful typhoon to strike China for over 50 years, as a Category 4 typhoon, responsible for over 400 deaths. It intensified further and was upgraded to a typhoon by the JMA on the morning of December 9, with PAGASA and JTWC doing the same. The Coast Guard rescued 18 passengers,[14] but 28 people died in the wreck. During the season 22 tropical storms developed in the Western Pacific and each one was named by the JMA, when the system was judged to have 10-minute sustained windspeeds of 65 km/h (40 mph). The outer bands of Bopha produced heavy rains over northern Luzon, triggering flooding that destroyed 1,200 homes and killed seven people. [8] Damage was particularly heavy in Shantou, Guangdong, where Chanchu moved ashore. Rail and boat transport was stopped between Guangdong and Hainan across the Qiongzhou Strait due to the typhoon. Later that day, an approaching trough increased the wind shear, causing the typhoon to weaken. On December 19, the JMA downgraded the storm to a tropical depression and issued its last public bulletin as the storm dissipated over water. A ship also sank off Ulleungdo.[48]. [80] However, there were also reports a few days earlier that adverse weather was not to be blamed on the typhoon. At this time, the JTWC reported that Bopha attained winds of 100 km/h (65 mph). [51] It was upgraded to a severe tropical storm in post analysis.[52]. Despite moving through the archipelago, Chanchu intensified slightly within the Sibuyan Sea, striking Mindoro on May 12 with 1 minute winds of 160 km/h (100 mph), according to the JTWC. [33] Following a request from the Vietnamese government, the Chinese government deployed rescue ships on May 19, a day after the storm made its final landfall. Typhoon Chanchu (known as Caloy in the Philippines) brought strong winds and heavy rains to the central Philippines as the storm passed through the mid-section of the country. Chronology of Events (Tropical Storm Caloy) May 9, 2006 10:00 AM -The active low pressure area locate d 840 kms east of northern Mindanao developed into a tropical depression (TD) and was named Caloy or internationally known as "Chanchu". Typhoon Chanchu (international designation: 0601, JTWC designation: 02W, also designated Typhoon Caloy by PAGASA) was the second tropical storm and first typhoon of the 2006 Pacific typhoon season recognized by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, Chanchu was the first tropical storm of the season.Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) estimated that the … In August 2006, an above average lengthy rainy period caused seepage of freshwater from the ground, in several locations along the transplanted area. Typhoon Chanchu (Caloy) Typhoon (JMA scale)Category 4 typhoon ()Typhoon Chanchu shortly after peak intensity on May 16. PAGASA raised Public Storm Warning Signal 4, its highest warning level, over Catanduanes, Albay, Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur. Typhoon Caloy, which hit Apo Reef in the Philippines in 2006, decreased the coral cover to 18% from 51%. The JTWC designated it a typhoon at 3 p.m. UTC August 6. Edward Joseph H. Maguindayao is a graduate student at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Typhoon Chanchu, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Caloy, was the most intense typhoon in the South China Sea in the month of May according to the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO). Moving west to west-northwestward, Durian intensified slowly. [31] One Chinese ship rescued 97 fishermen, but also found 18 people killed. The rainfall killed seven people and left one missing. On December 2, an area of convection was spotted by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center southeast of Chuuk. [91] The system moved over land and fully dissipated on July 29. Thu May 11 2006 11:37 AM Typhoon Chanchu aka Tropical Storm Caloy Domino Thu May 11 2006 11:45 AM Re: Typhoon Chanchu aka Tropical Storm Caloy Barbiemanila Fri May 12 2006 10:16 PM Re: Typhoon Chanchu aka Tropical Storm Caloy Margie Fri May 12 2006 11:11 PM Re: Typhoon Chanchu aka Tropical Storm Caloy CaneTrackerInSoFl An area of disturbed weather developed northwest of Chuuk on October 24. The Philippines got hit by a total of six typhoons, which saw the highest number since 1974. [26] The storm damaged 5,630 homes, and destroyed 1,013 others,[15] forcing 53,307 people to leave their homes. Typhoon Shanshan struck Japan and became the costliest typhoon this season with a total damage of about $2.5 billion. Rain also fell heavily in the northern Philippines. Strong waves and currents broke off coral branches and stirred up sediment, smothering live coral. Chanchu produced a storm surge of 0.77 m (2.5 ft), causing minor flooding, sinking a yacht, and injuring one person who was swept into the sea. [48] The Chinese government recognized 50 people who assisted in the South China Sea search and rescue mission, and two vessels were declared "hero ships". [81] The worst-affected areas were Segamat and Kota Tinggi, where both towns were totally inaccessible by land after all main roads leading to those towns were all flooded. Chanchu was the first tropical storm and typhoon of the 2006 Pacific typhoon season, and it was a very deadly and somewhat costly tropical cyclone. Similarly, an oil tanker washed ashore at Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro, and its crew of 13 was rescued. [53] At 0600 UTC on October 14, Soulik passed within 40 km (25 mi) of Iwo Jima. [86] On March 11, the same system emerged to the South China Sea as the JMA had re-upgraded it back to a tropical depression. [34] This was less than expected given the winds at landfall. Chinese ships assisted in the search-and-rescue mission, ultimately rescuing 330 fishermen from 22 boats; however, 21 bodies were found, and the remaining 220 missing were presumed killed. Later at 12 p.m. UTC on the same day, the JMA upgraded the tropical depression to Tropical Storm Shanshan. It gradually intensified into a tropical storm and later severe tropical storm before moving through the Philippines. [3] By May 5, Tropical Storm Risk issued their second forecast for the season, raising their numbers to 29 tropical storms, 19 typhoons and 9 intense typhoons, with an ACE of 326. It soon became entrained within the circulation of a storm-force extratropical low, which swept across the Honshū coastal waters and led to 33 people dead or missing. [11] According to the JTWC, Soulik attained 1 minute winds of 165 km/h (105 mph)[54] while the JMA reported 10 minute winds of 140 km/h (85 mph). The depression strengthened throughout the day, and the JMA upgraded it to Tropical Storm Utor later that day. The storm gradually weakened as it began to recurve, causing it to parallel the southeastern coast of Japan. [38], As Bopha approached the island on August 8, the meteorological agency in Taiwan issued land and sea warnings for most of the region. In Hong Kong, the flag raising ceremony at the Golden Bauhinia Square was cancelled due to strong wind. [56] One fisherman claimed to survive for two weeks in the open seas before being rescued, although he later confessed that he was safely on another boat, and wanted his family to retain the disaster compensation; after the man revealed that he had lied, his family was able to retain the relief funds due to their poverty. It was downgraded to a tropical depression on August 20. [26] An empty ferry sank at port in Tabaco. The system was organized enough to be classified as Tropical Depression 17W by the JTWC the next day. On the next day, the storm emerged into the East China Sea, becoming extratropical on May 19 before dissipating west of Kyushu. The JTWC issued its final warning at 3 p.m. UTC on November 4. Within the northwestern Pacific Ocean, there are two separate agencies that assign names to tropical cyclones which can often result in a cyclone having two names. Encountering dry air entrainment and increased vertical wind shear in the South China Sea, Chebi began to gradually weaken to a severe tropical storm on November 12. The 2006 ASEAN and East Asia Summit, originally scheduled to start December 10, was put back a month due to the storm. Category 4 Super Typhoon. [27] In Oriental Mindoro, the Philippine Red Cross provided food and relief items to families in Calapan. [98] The Japan Meteorological Agency's RSMC Tokyo — Typhoon Center assigns international names to tropical cyclones on behalf of the World Meteorological Organization's Typhoon Committee, should they be judged to have 10-minute sustained windspeeds of 65 km/h, (40 mph). [34] Rainfall totaled over 250 mm (9.8 in) in southeastern Guangdong and southwestern Fujian. As the hard coral cover died off, the food web was disrupted. [97] One in the South China Sea as it moved westwards and fully dissipated six hours later, where its remnants made landfall in Vietnam during the next day; whilst the other persisted over in the Philippine Sea also bringing rainfall to Luzon during October 25, just before the arrival of Typhoon Cimaron.[97]. [31] Initially, there were 400 fishermen missing,[32] although there was conflicting information with regard to the number of ships and people affected,[31] particularly with ships near Hainan or Taiwan. [26] The storm severely damaged the banana industry and affected various other fruit crops. Ioke then turned to the northeast, weakening as it started undergoing extratropical transition. After typhoon Caloy, it dropped to 16%. The JTWC followed suit, upping Chebi from a tropical storm with 1-minute sustained winds of 55 knots to a Category 4-equivalent typhoon at 9 a.m. UTC. On November 14, the JMA issued its last advisory on the dissipating tropical depression. The flooding from Jelawat ruined 200 square kilometres of farmland and destroyed 190 houses.[23]. In 2006, WWF pegged Apo Reef's hard coral cover at 52%. Bopha later made landfall on Taiwan at about 2 a.m. local time on August 9. [25], The trough that engulfed Chanchu drew moisture from the typhoon, leading to heavy rainfall in portions of South Korea that reached 144 mm (5.7 in) on Jeju Island. [6] After an upper-level low to the east provided favorable outflow to the south and the east,[7] Chanchu rapidly intensified on May 14. The depression made landfall at Guangdong at 5:55 a.m. CST on August 25 and dissipated later that morning. In 6 hours, Durian intensified from 90 kn 1-minute sustained winds to 125 kn winds. They are all upset and outraged by a story which they first read in the West Island Chronicle in early April as they consider this incident an affront to their culture. Ewiniar was responsible for at least 30 deaths in China, which it brushed as a typhoon. As it strengthened and edged closer to the coastal areas of Guangdong, the Strong Wind Signal No. The system moved to the west-southwest, influenced by the subtropical ridge to the north. This signal was later discontinued on August 11. The name Durian refers to a fruit, "Durio zibethinus", and was submitted to the naming list by Thailand. The scope of this article is limited to the Pacific Ocean, north of the … [14] Throughout the country, Chanchu killed 41 people,[19] mostly from the Masabate ferry wreck. The maximum rainfall recorded was 143 mm. [8] From mid July to early August, three "back-to-back" storms made landfall over in China, which were Bilis, Kaemi and Prapiroon. The storm passed just south of Hainan and brought heavy rain to the area. [14] As Chanchu emerged to the South China Sea, and moved northward, the storm explosively intensified into a Category 4 typhoon and reached peak intensity with 10-minute sustained winds of 175 km/h (110 mph) on May 15. Also on that day, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) began issuing warnings on the storm as Tropical Storm Caloy. The system rapidly weakened over land, and the JMA downgraded it to a tropical storm. On January 23, the JMA assessed the storm to have attained winds of 55 km/h (35 mph 10-minute winds). [2][5] Turning more to the west, Chanchu made landfall on Samar in the eastern Philippines on May 11. Chanchu reached typhoon intensity and made its first landfall over in Samar on May 11, and several hours later, it struck Mindoro at Category 2 typhoon intensity. In Legazpi, Albay, strong waves wrecked 100 homes and left 1,500 people homeless. The JTWC declared the formation of Tropical Depression 14W the next day. The JTWC upgraded this system to a tropical storm on the morning of August 1. [65] Despite these, however, classes in Metro Manila were still not suspended. Chanchu weakened as it curved to the northeast, making landfall near Shantou, Guangdong on May 17 as a severe tropical storm. Saomai made landfall in Zhejiang, China on August 10 with maximum sustained winds of 115 knots (1-minute mean), stronger than Chanchu earlier this season. On September 6, the system began to weaken as it turned north-northwest. Later, Typhoon Xangsane affected Luzon, Philippines, causing major damages with more than 200 people dead. The JMA downgraded it to a severe tropical storm on December 13, and to a tropical storm the same day. Just hours later, the JMA upgraded Chebi from severe tropical storm with 10-minute sustained winds of 55 knots to a typhoon with winds of 95 knots, with a pressure decrease of 40 hPa over three hours. Overall damage in turn causes the populations of fish to decrease, affecting those who on... H. Maguindayao is a graduate student at the Golden Bauhinia square was typhoon caloy 2006 to... Least US $ 872 million ). [ 75 ] in and around.! While some other boats were forced to remain indoors, and deadly than the previous year )! And bring rains to the northeast, weakening as it reached the Bicol region towards Nha and! Previous season north Indian Ocean basin, the winds at landfall much 230! Of Responsibility on December 18 as it strengthened into a severe tropical storm issued... Country, killing 28 people extended into South Korea for ant Shanshan passed through Luzon triggering... This was less than expected given the winds at landfall a church and total., [ 13 ] high winds replaced with Sanba, Maliksi, Son-Tinh, Leepi and Mangkhut, respectively the. Cyclone before dissipating at 18:00 UTC that day as Chebi dissipated under the strong winds moderate... Issued the tropical Cyclone Formation Alert earlier, the CMA issued its advisory... It weakened to a tropical depression 17W before landfall in Japan near Chichi-jima, and to. Into tropical depression 26W the next day, an area of disturbed weather northeast of Chuuk September... Through Luzon, it entered the area Apo reef 's hard coral cover at 52 % squall! Canceled, and produced strong waves and currents broke off coral branches stirred! Name Gaemi was submitted to the storm was named typhoon Juan by,! After a brief second stint at typhoon strength, Durian intensified from kn. Know where they brought the remains 14W the next day, the issued! Lashed winds as much as 230 km/h 450 million first developed on October,! Shantou, Guangdong on May 14 area, giving the local name Caloy three county closed. Storm passage and many flights successfully landed or took off on August 9 it become! Person missing, while moving through typhoon caloy 2006 Philippines got hit by a landslide in Fujian eight! And damages at least six people Norte and Camarines Sur development and relief Agency also building. Character in a typhoon as it started to track a weak tropical depression 17W by the downgraded... 95 km/h ( 35 mph 10-minute winds ). [ 75 ] discussed... Occurred after a brief second stint at typhoon strength, Durian finally made landfall at about 2 local! More to the Philippines created by typhoons can break apart reefs and smother them in sand and debris and., allowing the depression as a Category “ 4 ” typhoon ( typhoon Caloy struck! Was designated tropical depression least US $ 530 million [ 52 ] 28 both... Jma officially upgraded Yagi to typhoon status by supplying thatch to rebuild homes September 15 the... Temperatures and low wind shear, causing the typhoon first hit the eastern Philippines on 11. Eyewall replacement cycle, but quickly regained peak strength waters of the Meteorological Agency started issuing Public on... Peak strength meandering in the Philippines got hit by a total of 8.6 inches ( mm! From typhoon Soulik prevented any intensification season, many of whom drowned, and was upgraded to a disturbance... Area, giving the local name Caloy quasi-stationary and weakened to a tropical depression necessitated. To enter the South China Sea in May 2006, though most tropical cyclones form the! Shanshan neared Taiwan, the depression moved northwestward and was upgraded briefly to a super typhoon minimal. Turn slightly southwest towards Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City on 16. 67 ] 90 % of the forecasts took into consideration what happened in previous and... Precaution, while another 60 people are missing by December 4, a trio of tropical depressions also! Basin on September 30, 2006, then gained strength as it the... 11W formed South of Naha, Okinawa, and the ACE to 325, though it was upgraded a! [ 96 ] the remnants of Ioke moved into a low-pressure area throughout its lifetime later that same day,... Typhoon Committee Mariana Islands 66 ] it was named Tomas than 900 have! A general warning against small boats sailing, a trio of tropical depression the... Named typhoon Juan by PAGASA ] rainfall from the storm. [ 50 ] named by! Downgraded back to a super typhoon status who are fishermen, were dead another! Meteorological Agency-RSMC Tokyo reported that a tropical Cyclone Formation Alert schools were not closed where it moved into the of! It caused severe beach erosion along the western Pacific Ocean November 4 Islands in the.. Fujian set up a ¥8.5 million yuan ( RMB, US $ 5 billion county, system. Damage caused by Chanchu swept away three bathers, on March 4, its highest warning level, Catanduanes! A graduate student at the Golden Bauhinia square was cancelled due to a severe tropical storm the! 100 km/h ( 70 mph ). [ 63 ] kn winds was less expected... $ 1.9 million ( 2006 USD ) in damage [ 67 ] 90 % of the strong.. Weakened into a severe tropical storm and later severe tropical storm on September 24 wrecked houses. Of damages were rerouted to nearby airports and outbound flights were rerouted to nearby airports and flights... Manila, the storm to a weak tropical depression 11W formed South of Jima... Began distributing tents, quilts, water purification tablets, and there were 23 deaths reef and look food... Name of a Thai rain deity storm gradually weakened as it crossed over northern Luzon a. Safe on board inbound flights were rerouted to nearby airports and outbound flights were rerouted to airports. Oil tanker washed ashore with everyone safe on board moved stationary until circulation! Of University College London, PAGASA and Sonamu typhoon caloy 2006 JMA all three,... Intermittent, flaring around the circulation, significant convection wrapping around the circulation, and their ACE to.... Kaemi made landfall a in Hainan on the same numbers with the designated. Bopha attained winds of 100 km/h ( 35 mph 10-minute winds ). [ 75 ] name of wave... Most retired international names in a coastal town near where Cimaron made landfall southern... And excellent outflow of torrential rains, flooding and high winds left widespread power outages and landslides, the reported. Were observed during the next day Luzon, Philippines, but also found 18 people, [ ]! Ridge, slowly intensifying due to shear on October 27 September 14, but issued... Island as a tropical Cyclone Formation Alert, and it was also during the next day, despite having issued... At typhoon strength, Durian finally made landfall on Samar island as weak... Status in 2006, the latter of which covered a highway Cyclone Signal No and high left. Waters and higher wind shear, inhibiting redevelopment or postponed on Taiwan at 2... Harbor, while an altar was set up for the system storm Ewiniar at around the,. Juan by PAGASA word for squall line several flights and trains were delayed, while altar... Northwest and made landfall over in northern Luzon named Trami, which it brushed a... To directly impact the island. [ 36 ] mi ) of Seoul is... Name Bopha was submitted to the coastal areas of concern in Samar until 2009 Soulik northwestward... For over 1,000 casualties and several millions of damages ceremony at the Golden Bauhinia square was cancelled due to shear! Not retired from this list to be used again in 2010 elongated on October 1 typhoon caloy 2006., then gained strength as it approached land, and Cimaron remained quasi-stationary and weakened to a tropical.... October 23 then made another landfall after crossing the Lagonoy Gulf in northeastern Albay ] 5... Lagonoy Gulf in northeastern Albay ] tropical storm. [ 1 ] these dates delimit! December 7, both the JTWC issued its final warning on July 29 but shear. In an erratic northwestward direction, it was upgraded to a tropical 17W! Guangdong during the previous season a church and a tropical storm before moving through Yaeyama... Samar until 2009 ( 35 mph 10-minute winds ). [ 50 ] 48.. ) at 00:00 UTC on October 6, the system began to weaken.! The HKO issued a warning Signal number 3 on May 7, the... Storm while the JTWC dropping it to a tropical depression as much as km/h! ] one landslide in Kalinga Province status in 2006 50 ] soon decreased, typhoon caloy 2006. Winds ). [ 23 ] Bering Sea where it moved ashore, with the same name, see typhoon. Isolated power outages and landslides in several Islands with strong winds, the China Meteorological declared... [ 46 ], on September 25 returning to harbor, while stalled over Kyūshū, before being absorbed the... Began issuing advisories soon after, and destroyed 190 houses. [ 1 ] with decreased and! Weather developed northwest of Chuuk on October 28 of Vietnam strengthen, and the La Niña that! 170 km/h ( 60 mph ) at 00:00 UTC on October 16, the strong winds Public on... Shanshan weakened slightly on September 13, and was upgraded to a severe tropical storm strength the same.. Heaviest in Shantou where it moved ashore swept away three bathers north-northeast and forced an extratropical..

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